Pricing Information


Our parking lot is secure. It is fenced in completely, with 1 front gate. We have parking staff on-site at all times before, during and after an event. We also have an on-site surveillance system.

Parking prices depend on your vehicle size and the specific event at the stadium. Prices usually range from $30-$199 depending on the event. If you have an RV or a group of people parking, we can provide specific rates.

During certain events, parking will fill up fast. You can guarantee your spot ahead of time by purchasing a parking pass on StubHub. Parking pass links to reserve your VIP spot for the events can be found on our home page or under parking: Click Here

All parking prices include sales tax.


Bigger events at the stadium have higher pricing structures. Pricing also depends on the size of your food truck, trailer, tent, or cart. Our pricing ranges from $150 – $1,500 depending on the space you need and what event is going on at the stadium.

Katie will meet with you at the property ahead of time to discuss your needs and requirements. She will then provide you with a price.

All vendors must have current insurance, licenses and permits.

Vendor pricing does not include sales tax.

Please email us at or call Katie at (407) 683-9792 if you have any questions or are interested in attending for any of the Upcoming Events.